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Welcome to California Process Servers Rancho Cucamonga. We certainly know why you're here. You're in search for a quality process server right? For better than 22 plus years this is my business and I'm real good at it too!

Licensed and Bonded For State of California

Jon Serve Associates
California Process Servers
Process Server Lic #6909
Bond #54250409
County: Los Angeles

Serving All of California

 Rancho Cucamonga is our local office location and you might just need someone or a business serve in the city area of Rancho and maybe not?

It really doesn't matter because from our local office we cover a wide territory stretching from as far North as Barstow and as far South as San Diego. We also cover far East as Palm Spring to 29 Palms, and far West as Los Angeles, Sacramento, Fresno and all of the Ventura County areas.

Let me provide you with much more clarity. Jon Serve Associates is a California Process Servers Network. I like you to understand becoming a Process Servers Network did not happen by accident and here is why?

Let's just say you're a potential client who has a local service request, we certainly can assist you with local request.

Now' let say you're a potential client who need services provided within a distant area? We have established relationships with experience Process Servers and personally let me just be clear, I stand behind all of our Associate Process Servers, their the best!

Let's keep in mind, a Process Server Network is far more credible than a Process Server Directory. Within our Process Server Network, regular communications with our associate servers establishes a great working relationship.  

This insures you are receiving the finest quality of services from Process Servers who have established credible relationship within our Network. 

Steps To Submitting Your Documents

Step 1.) You can Chat with us, join us in the Chat room and discuss your service request. 

Step 2.) You might prefer to click on this Attachment Link Fill in your information with details and instructions, then, click the submit here button.

Step 3.) Next, below the attachment link, on the same page is where you will email your documents to be served. You also may use Fax: (909) 453-3277

Step 4.) Next on the same page their is a pricing link for your convenience and also submit payment link as well.


You may choose to send your documents to be served with instructions and request a invoice be emailed to you for payment. This is a highly practiced selection clients prefer and we gladly concur.

J.S.A. California Process Servers Founded 1997

California Process Servers Rancho Cucamonga

Requires advanced payment for services. For your convenience please refer to pricing

Additional Payment Selection on Home Page

(Submit Payment) button below. (Credit/Debit)

California Process Servers Rancho Cucamonga 

We perform 3 quality attempts at different times unless special requests or discoveries are discussed. Our main objective is a successful completion of service of process for you our clients

Filing Your Proof of Service With The Courts

Once your documents have been successfully served, next is the filing of Proof of Service with the Clerk of Court. Depending on the court e-filing or fax filing is required.

We provide these services at no additional charges to our clients. This will automatically free you from that particular detail of due process which is required. 

Once we receive notification by fax or email from the Clerk of Court documents have been filed successfully, we also email/fax/mail you a copy of the court stamped file copy of Proof of Service.

Here are a Listing of Documents and Services We Provide


Small Claims
Unlawful Detainer
Restraining Order


Child Support
Child Modification
Divorce Petition
Order to Appear
Much More...

Law Firms-Attorneys-Legal Agency

Within the Business of California Process Servers, Rancho Cucamonga, creating excellent relationships with Law Firms Attorneys and Legal Agencies is Paramount. 

We enjoy working with legal offices who display positive energy operating within their offices. We have learned over the years some how, positive energies within legal offices fuel a charge inside our Process Servers.

We appreciate your office efforts in respect of all your contributions to our business.  California Process Servers Rancho Cucamonga.

Contact us today!



Thank you for visiting California Process Servers Home page. I really entrust the information provided serves you well. Please consider bookmarking this page for future reference.

Comments and testimonials we truly welcome. We love to hear your opinions of our services and how we can better serve you. 

California Process Servers

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  • Process Servers (Must be Experienced)
  • Office Personnel 
  • Contract Sales Representatives
  • Paralegals

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About Us Jon Serve Associates your select service team of choice
About Us California Process Servers Network your select service team of choice legal services assistant and experienced process serving.
Process Servers Chat
California Process Servers Chat where quickly your concerns can be answered
Contact Us
contact us for your process serving concerns
Need Process Server
Need Process Server? California Process Servers in the city of Rancho Cucamonga CA serving business community over 20 years!
Process Servers in California
Process Servers are your rock in matters of documents to be served. We cover the San Bernardino Inland Empire areas for your convenience. We're just a call away.
Pricing for Service Jon Serve Associates California Process Servers
Pricing for Service with Jon Serve Associates Process Servers, carefully calculated to meet good general standard requirements which provide you excellent services.
Process Server Speedy Service
Process server speedy service same day service get your document request completed quickly with California Process Servers JSA
Contract Services
Contract services with California Process Servers link into all your activity
Faqs Questions for Process Servers
Faqs questions for process serving search. Find your answers to questions with Jon Serve Associates Process Servers. You will be well inform in detail.
Turbo court; your document preparation connection.
Turbo court; your document preparation connection.Three easy steps to providing you with the correct online filing assistance you seek, and your on your way.
Order services of process servers
Order services online, it’s more convenient.Submit documents through fax or email.Turbo court online software guide you through the steps preparing your document to be served.
Plaintiffs in Civil Case
Plaintiffs of the legal court filing. When your rights are violated. File your summons and begin the process.Give the court legal reason to rendered a decision in your favor.
Respondents in Civil Court Cases
Respondents in civil matters having the opportunity to express their point of view. Petitioners are there to claim damages. Be counted and make a stand to defend your honor.
Attorney Service California Process Servers JSA
Attorney service in California, your source in getting your legals needs process and ready. California Process Servers JSA quick professional services.
Court Services
Court services provided through process servers is the way to go. Several legal industries have realized the advantages of outsourcing from knowledgeable companies.
Small Claims Court California Process Servers
Small Claims Court All you need to know
Court Serving
Court serving we are highly recognized in the community. For over 20 years our dedication to service of process with your best interest first.
Rancho Cucamonga Small Claims
Rancho Cucamonga Small Claims court in the Inland Empire San Bernardino county. Thousand of cases each year we serve in the area.
Process of Divorce
Process of divorce California process servers provide relevant information to assist you through the process. Seeking legal counsel always option to consider.
Child Support Jon Serve Associates Process Servers here to serve you.
Serving child support, Jon Serve Associates Process Servers you select service team of choice.
Eviction Process
Eviction process we get started immediately protecting landlords investments, cal us today and we will get started
Landlord Tenant
Landlord Tenant Services in Rancho Cucamonga
Restraining Orders California
Restraining Orders ex parte motion and protective orders Jon Serve Associates Process Servers are always ready to assist you in protecting the peace.
West Valley Detention Jon Serve Associates Process Servers serve inmates
Need a inmate served court papers west valley detention give us a call we respond in real time. 20 years serving facility call us today
Process Serving Jon Serve Associates Process Servers
Process Serving in Rancho Cucamonga Jon Serve Associates Process Servers. Your select service team of choice. Experienced Professionals.
San Bernardino Court California Process Servers
San Bernardino Court, California Process Severs.Your select service team of choice serving divorce, unlawful detainer, child support, and several assistant services
Orange California Process Servers
Orange California process servers Jon Serve Associates. Contacting us from in state or out of state, your process servers need we provide quality services.
Jon Serve Associates California Process Servers
Jon Serve Associates California Process Servers serving legal communities within all California counties.
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Privacy policy for Jon Serve Associates

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