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California Process Servers provide court services for local, county and state facilities. We provide you also; with resourceful information which can guide you through your court experience with a much more confidence frame of mind. It is always recommended that you seek professional legal advice, but in several instances; general research, you will discover how to apply your knowledge.

In the state of California Judicial Branch Courts has the most comprehensive report of updated information and resourceful rules, instructions and reference codes for clarification. Once you have taken the tour of the Judicial Branch Courts you will become overwhelmed with the available information and resources the State Courts of California has made available to you.



Form and




Rules and


Forms and


Civil Lawsuit

The Judicial Branch Courts has made available illustrated civil forms and rules. With a little effort following tutorial guidance you can fill in the instructive areas of you particular case form, just following the instruction rules. You will notice the forms are in word perfect and rtf form, we suggest you view or download rtf version unless you are computer savvy, just a thought! 

Online Case Filing with the courts

 One of the most thorough innovative online software for preparing and filing your family or civil cases is turbo court. Online filing of cases is a great selective choice when considering the convenience it provide. There is no more standing in long lines, waiting to be call up next by the court clerk, it's just the way majority of plaintiffs  and respondents are selecting to file their cases. 

Child Support filing online with the courts (no charge)

California Child Support services have made it convenient for custodial parents filing child support, establishing paternity, request modification of existing order or filing for medical support. All cases concerning child support concerns can be filed online free of charge. Click on turbo court to get started...

Non-custodial respondents filing online with the courts  

Non-custodial parents filing their respondents have the convenience to file their response online at no charge. Through California child support services these services are available.

Court Services

Once you have completed filing your case with turbo court services you are provided with a reference number. This gives you access to return to the file whereas you can print it out, email it to yourself, or forwarding it to be served. Most of our clients just provide us with a reference number to their documents and we take it from there.

Online Fax Filing/E-Filing with the courts

Online Fax Filing/E-Filing you can also file your documents once documents have be properly completed and ready to be filed with the courts. Please be aware some California courts require documents to be file using their online fax system.

 San Bernardino County provides a cover sheet form MC-005. which must be accompany with your documents to be filed. For your convenience review a listing of all necessary phone numbers, contacts, and fax fees for each court in San Bernardino Inland Empire areas.

Para Legal Services:           

Court Services

Drafting documents, preparing motions, evictions, child support, reviewing case reports,  and summaries. We  provide  process servers and affidavits. Keeping files and records online   in chronological  order available for access.

 We provide excellent investigative services through our longtime association with highly resourceful experience investigators. Skip tracing, postal service request of change of address we also provide services. Don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns. 

Police Reports

Police reports we obtain. Whether your client is a plaintiff or defendant, we obtain the complete report upon request. For any reason records are being denied access by a particular administration, we first verify if in fact the records are public access. From this point we act swiftly to enforce your information is presented.

Court Services

 We are comfortable knowing whatever concerns you may have, we comply with confidants. Contact us  to discuss your concerns. 

We like to hear your comments. Let us know if this page was helpful for you and what we may do to improve. Your comments will be most appreciated. Thank you for reviewing our page and do return.

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