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The quality of a landlord tenant relationship is crucial and if not maintain by both responsible parties can and will resolve in unfavorable results. 

Our focus is to provide excellent services and information to support both parties concern. One of the most important issues to the landlord is rents being paid on time. 

Tenant Eviction

With tenants the main concerns are the property being maintain properly and the quality of response time when a problem arise conflicting with the quality of their living environment. 

In almost all cases once a issue is presented to owner, property manager, or management company their response is mostly good simply knowing their business is providing sufficient housing. If you are a tenant and have concerns you would like answers, it is your right to obtain as much information you feel necessary. 

Apartment and Housing Rents

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Landlord Tenant

What are the first steps to eviction? Landlord tenant association is best maintain within a professional capacity. As a property owner it is not necessary to contact your tenant when rents are not presented. Start the eviction process with a 3 day notice to pay or quit.

This standard of exercise will create attention on the most important factors of rental agreement. With this practice, property owners will reduce complication a great deal. 

After 3 day notice to pay or quit has expired this is the time to move forward with the eviction process. You must make certain that the 3 days are counted starting the next day after notice have be served or posted. Always make certain that a copy is also mailed by first class mail to the resident as well. One copy per leased resident. 

The Eviction Process

Now you are ready to file the UD-100 form, unlawful detainer. Many landlords retain a legal attorney to handle evictions to their property. One thing to keep in mind when selecting an attorney, make certain they specialize in the area of eviction. 

If you as a property owner who select to address this process let us recommend a really good source for preparing your documents. We have always referred turbo court  online document preparation software. So far we have not receive one complaint. It is a highly sophisticated software with an excellent tutorial process to move you through the entire process.

One thing I like to note is when you fill out your unlawful detainer document, make certain you include the cp 10.5 form, prejudgment claim of right to possession. This will protect you as a landlord against residence placing friends or relatives as living at the property and have not been properly served. Not all legal officials include this within their document preparation. 

Well' this information will assist you through your unlawful detainer process and you will successfully complete the process

California Process Servers has earned a favorable approval within our community of Rancho Cucamonga for serving unlawful detainer. Our success in this area of process serving is awesome!

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