A Process Server Running Springs Calif

by Robert
(Running Springs Ca Inland empire)

My story how I begin as a process server. Well; it started about 7 years ago. I had the pleasure of performing court runner services for an attorney service. This experience prove to be valuable. Learning how to file documents correctly. It was at this time I also learn how to detect if there was an error on a document by reviewing many papers to be filed. When I discovered their was an error I would return the documents to attorney service for correction. This was very beneficial for me, once the attorneys realize I was paying attention to the business and not just being a court runner. The attorney service begin to give me more documents to file and I was careful to review each document before filing because I discovered I had won the attorney service trust by this time. The office personnel would thank me when I would detect a correction was needed. I begin to feel confident doing filing. At some point during this time I started to ask the attorney staff if I could try out serving papers. Once I was given a chance, from that point I was hooked. I decided to get my license and bond. Since that time I have been working on my own through word of mouth and attorneys which I know from the business.
So I thought to share my story and also let you know since recently I moved into the inland county. I'm trying to make some contacts to continue my work as a process server. Process serving has become a profession to me and I enjoy what I do. Below you will find my contact information if you ever find the need of my services. Thank you for letting me share my story.

Sincerely Robert Depugh
909-939-0356 home
714-860-5311 Cell

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