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About Us

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     California Process Servers Network thank you for your interest
to know more 
about us and our services. Permit me to inform you how our main objective is to make your challenges our greatest concerns. 

 California Process Servers Network is located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga Inland Empire in the county of San Bernardino. 

Our business originally was branded Jon Serve Associates in 1997. Within a few years I  discovered my business as one of the first process server business marketing our services as California Process Servers.

About Us


In the social media arena you can locate a large library of information about our services by performing a Google search and typing the username {JonServe Peters}. That's my personal process server username  selected which I feel was the closest reference to my brand and Google friendly for the business of process servers. 

 About Us

Process Services

One of the benefits you as a client or contractor can be assured is we deliver results. With more than nine years personally serving process in the field along with a total of 22 plus years in the process servers business, I can speak with confidence about understanding this business

What exactly are our services we provide? 

 First' we provide an excellent team of process servers with focus and knowledge of how to properly serve legal documents. It's imperative for process servers to understand how important it is to know the laws of the business.

This is where experience plays an intricate part being a process server. We receive calls often from potential clients who have had a unfavorable experience with a less experience process server.

We understand most people seeking assistance of process servers honestly doesn't have real knowledge of the importance of selecting a experience server.

You may find yourself a victim of this dilemma don't feel lost as though you don't know what your are doing. The fact of the matter is honestly most people are counting on the process servers to do their job correctly.

It is quite of an ugly reality their are not so honest people in the business of process serving. Fortunately for you I personally select only the best experienced servers in the business.

With more that 360K personal services completed and nine years in the field, consider when thinking about us California Process Servers you really get the opportunity to experience hands on servers who actually love their craft.

After carefully screening and issuing service of process assignments  to some of the best real servers who practice their craft with integrity I decided to brand our services to California Process Servers Network.

About Us

Additional Services Provided

Why We offer filing proof of service?

What is standard practice a process server completes service of process and afterwards complete a proof of service and forward to the client to be file with the clerk of court. 

It has always been California Process Servers Network policy to file proof of service with the clerk of courts mainly for two reasons. First I have always felt filing the proof of service shows great company character. Second it just feel like the right thing to do.

For several years before technology advanced itself we physically visit the courthouses to file proof of service. Thanks to modern science we now can file proof of service by efax, efile or mail in. 

Personally we never mail in proof of service. Our most practice method is efax. This particular method of filing have prove to be an excellent time saver. Providing clients with filing of proof of service has rewarded us with continued repeat clients/customers and we will continue this process. 

We adjusted filing proof of service within our pricing and feel it is extremely beneficial to our clients/customers simply because they benefit the comfort of a one stop service process server.

We also have attorneys/law firm we offer this service as well. Although their are still legal practices physically visiting the clerk of court offices filing their proof of service.

What we offer clients with volume filings of proof of service is a discount and we provide efax/efiling which is less profitable yet still maintain efficiency.

You may be a legal service which require multiple filings of proof of service each month, try our services and discover why our repeat client base is so awesome!

 Process Servers

 Document Research - Retrieval

This is one service we found to be extremely necessary. You can  rest in assurance we are available for your services request. We realize how difficult it can be to get that same day service request. In some cases we receive a document retrieval request which require our attention immediately. 

What we ask is for same day request to be sent by 11:00 am. This is not always the case. Can this be possibly your circumstances? Don't worry yourself. We do apply a rush fee for immediate requirement and make no mistake, we do deliver.

One of the most requested service of process in this area are subpoena request for records. Sometimes the attorneys/law firm has a same day deadline to submit request and that is where we come in, we do deliver!

Process Servers

Our Guarantee 

As a process server early in my career I realize exactly the importance of performing my duties according to the California Code of Civil Procedure. This is the process of operations which is required of each process server.

You as a client for service of process by Jon Serve Associates California Process Servers Network we will honor your request with the best intention in mind.

It is our pleasure to perform the duties of process server. It is what every process server who is a part of California Process Servers Network strive for. We are available to provide service of process which will be performed with the highest integrity. 

Thanks for taking the time to review our about us information and I hope your found something of value you can use within your business or legal practices.

           California Process Servers Network  would like to thank you for visiting our site.

   Your select service team of choice!

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California Process Servers JSA
10950 Arrow Route 661
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91729


Direct: 909-472-9107
   Fax: 909-453-3277

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