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About Us Jon Serve Associates

About Us


 First let me say thank your for your interest to review about us and get a clearer picture of California Process Servers Jon Serve Associates. 

 We are located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga California. This is in the county of San Bernardino Inland Empire area. Rancho Cucamonga is a city which has an interesting historical list of accomplishments. Many industries and businesses from all walks of life have found their way to this city. It's beautiful!

 Some how I found my way to seriously consider becoming a legal process server. Formerly I was a wholesale retail clothier in the downtown district of Los Angeles California. I perform the services of a clothier for over six years until the industry took a hit due to complications in the manufacturing area.

 So here I was out of a business sitting at home and receive a call from a friend.  She  inform me she had just started  to serve process. She ask me if I would go out with her that evening to keep her company while she did some serves. I said I would and the rest is history.

  Very early in my career as a process server I discovered that I was good at this business. It was like I had a six sense to for see situations before they happen. I learn how to approach people in a way they would respond to my inquiries without second guessing what I was asking.

 About Us

 From this point I started receiving request to serve individuals who pose problems. Attorneys got the word and started calling me to serve their problem serves. I was so good at it the way I would go to a problem serve and get a signature while completing the serve. Attorneys would ask me how I did it and I would tell them, trade secret!

  From the very start serving process I realize that I wanted to write about my experiences. Before serving process, I'd written short stories, plays, poems, even poetry in the past. I just consistently come up with ideas to write about. 

About Us

 If I perform a serve and discover the person was sensitive or emotional, I sometimes experience compassion. After leaving the individual I would pull over to the side of the road and jot down my thoughts while they were fresh in my mind. Soon I had a huge library of short stories, script out scenes, project ideas, and thoughts of imaging concepts which came to mind.

 I discovered a valuable concept within this business and knew I had to convert my efforts into something more rewarding. With my previous business experiences as an entrepreneur for many years I knew I had to put a project in place that would compliment the business for process servers.

About Us 

Join our Community

 So ask yourself' should I join this vision? This labor of love! Can my contributions make a difference? Yes! This is part of the vision. Everyone has a particular gift, and we would like you to share your personal gift with us and our legal community.  

 Our focus is to continue to develop better online serving process models for clients and customers. Also we shall continue  to  offer  better product models to process servers and legal associates in the industry.

 Process Servers are not only servers of process, we are also entrepreneurs  as well. California Process Servers  has a design strategy to assist the development of entrepreneurship in every willing process server.

 Finally make sure you take advantage of our coupon offers, special discount programs and enjoy the benefits of receiving  our free gifts. Our plans are to make your visits exciting, educational and entertaining! You will begin to discover yourself achieving many new found opportunities!

           California Process Servers would like to thank you for visiting our site.

   Your select service team of choice!

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Sherman Peters
California Process Servers JSA
10950 Arrow Route 661
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91729


Direct: 909-472-9107
   Fax: 909-453-3277

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