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An agent for process or commonly known as an agent for service of process is a requirement in the states where corporations or LLC companies are actively conducting business. This also includes business partnership as well. Unlike private individuals, businesses must engage a third party, either someone within their company or a separate entity, to accept service of process in any lawsuits or other legal affairs.

It will be necessary for court summonses and other legal documents to be delivered to the company within a specific time frame.  Generally, private process servers are engaged making sure the service of process is completed quickly and accurately.  A registered agent for process provide businesses with a way of ensuring that process serving is handled properly.

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Several states require a registered agent for service of process representing limited liability partnership or other business entity,  be someone designated specifically to fill that role.  This requirement is important; as it is essential that all legal matters follow a certain carefully structured system. For this reason; an agent for process is required by the California Secretary of the state to provide for their records, an accurate address where papers can be delivered in order for the service of process to be completed.

There are times you may experience an employee of the company or business partnership sometimes act as registered agent for service of process, some states require the use of a third party.  For this reason, businesses  exist specifically to provide this service for other business entities. 

When a registered agent  exist, companies can provide a single legal address for all of the corporation legal documents to be delivered for due process services. This way, any legal problems will be expedited easily.  Also, registered agents for a corporation or other business entities  insure  your company is on top of any changes in the law to ensure that the business remains compliant within your state.

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In fact, every quality registered agent for process maintain relative forms for their state in case a business partnership or company needs to file a case or respond, they can move the process along.  It is also beneficial for a business to maintain an outside entity such as registered agent for service of process in case of a change of company business address. Your company agent for process address on file would remain the same. Process servers find this commendable.

Having a separate place providing registered agent services for LLC, corporation or other business entities can also help to avoid unpleasant publicity, as it could be uncomfortable for a company to be served with legal documents in front of their employees or customers.  Using a registered agent that is located elsewhere can help prevent uncomfortable questions.

Legal matters at times pose inconvenience, especially when it can have dire consequences for your business.  You can help to make the legal process easier by engaging the services of a firm to act as your registered agent.  That way you can breathe easy knowing that all of your legal affairs are being handled professionally and accurately and you can concentrate on the business that really matters…your own.

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