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Serving child support documents require skills and personality. We specialize in this area of process serving. We encourage you to consider Jon Serve Associates Process Servers as your select service team of choice.

California Process Servers familhy civil and much more...

Over the years Law Firms, attorneys, county agencies and our general public have used our services. We've earned the merits for being highly resourceful in the ability to acquire information well needed.

Our company is well recognize for the ability to search, investigate, and make calculated decisions whether or not an address provided to be served is valid.

Whenever a county or agency provides an address, our process server's first concern is to believe the address being provided is correct.

On an average over 68% of all addresses provided are good. This is where the skills of process servers really play a significant part. Millions in revenues each year are used for purposes of locating noncustodial parents.

Perhaps you may have a valid address for service of process, take a look at maps to obtain your address directions. Google maps are thorough with correct address input.

Responsibilities of Serving Child Support

An experienced process server has knowledge of how to make inquiries most residence are not aware at that moment what exactly is happening. This practice becomes second nature once repetition settles in done correctly within the civil code of procedures.

Child Support divisions, associate agencies and Law Firms depend on experienced professionals to serve their papers. The advanced experienced servers over time will reduce the overall expenses of completed service of process.

This task can only be accomplished by understanding as process servers one must possess the ability of perception. The completion of documents served are considered a step in the right direction toward providing adequate financial support for child(ren) and custodial parents.

For your convenience review this child support guide line to starting a case which includes several areas of interest concerning child(ren) wel-fare.

You may also feel the need to prepare you case on your own, so here is Turbo Court for your convenience. Turbo court provides a step by step instructional guide with illustrations to assist you.

Now with your request we can provide these services for you. Whether you are needing to get your case started with the initial filings or modifications we can assist you.


Our servers are made aware to understand his/her personal attention is always necessary. Exercising the completion of each serve, keeping in mind that child (ren) wel-fare depends on their abilities to communicate effectively.

Review child welfare in your city, state for such well deserve information. An informative library of resources, forms, and rules to place custodial/noncustodial parents forward toward achieving better understanding of this process.

Quality within the serving of child support papers will always be in demand. Studies have shown quality of commitment, and communication with process servers and their perspective agencies is also paramount.

Non-Custodial Parents

Non-custodial parents today are becoming more concern in reference with the responsibility of caring for their child(ren). The various parenting child(ren) services divisions along with state and federal authorities have made it much tougher for noncustodial parents to escape their financial responsibilities.

Most Child Support orders result from a divorce. For children of divorce, divorced parents can do much more than providing child support. Creating a good Parenting Plan is essential for the best interest of your children.

As parents your priorities when it concerns your children will always be held in high regards. A great responsibility of a parent is to continue tradition of the basic growing fabric of our society. This is the purpose of family and its profound existence. We must maintained and secured at all cost.

Establish Paternity

Paternity testing; signing of Voluntary Acknowledgement forms, are the beginning stages to establishing parents parental responsibility. This process is very simple and necessary.

Man receives the greatest gift he can possess. Life; a living breeding being, which has been placed in their care. Establish Paternity should also be viewed as you, the father claiming the rights to your family member.

Jon Serve Associates Process Servers support all agencies by assisting in any manner necessary toward the completion of this process. We so duly commit our services.

Process Servers Facts to Consider

The practice of service of process is to be perfected over time. This standard is required of all process servers. Although as previously mention child support is an area of service of process to be addressed with a serious conscious, and here are a few facts supporting just why.

  • As process servers serving child support papers you are the bearer of possible good news and sometimes bad news.
  • Servers when approaching residents have no idea in most cases the person they are seeking except for a name and physical description.
  • Every day is not a good day for any one and some; individuals handle situations better than others.
  • As process servers you are not aware that the papers you are about to attempt service upon an individual are correct.
  • Once you have arrived at a location for service of process and discover the residence are extremely evasive or perhaps irate, you are presently in what is called a possible hostile situation.

Process Servers Response to Hostile Situations

  • Professional servers understand completely whether the news bears beneficial information or not to the resident, the service has to be done.
  • Sometimes child support agencies have some knowledgeable information concerning the respondent (s) character by chance prior attempts has warrant such information. In the cases where no information is disclosed, always be on the alert and on guard.
  • Whenever a server steps out of his/her professional armor to defend words which have attacked or insulted their particular manner at that point you are placing yourself in danger.
  • Whenever a situation confronts you, by chance you have the wrong address or the individual(s)you are seeking does not live there although they are possible friends or related to the residence who are offended by your presence, again respectful and polite is your best armor.
  • Whenever someone speaks to you in an unacceptable disrespectful manner, this is the time to realize and accept over and over again this is the business you have chosen. First and foremost realize that you are presently at an individual's resident.

More Facts:

  • By chance you witness they (resident) disrespecting their residence, you as a representative of your client, the courts system, and the profession of process servers, best decision is to select to respect their resident.
  • Jon Serve Associates has exercise this method thousands of times and has found evident that these procedures works.
  • Jon Serve Associates salutes...Child Support divisions Law Firms and agencies
  • We continue our commitment to provide only the finest quality service of process. Family; we view as the greatest union in our nation.
  • Over the years of practice study and observation, change in the level of urgency of our nation child(ren) wel-fare has never been greater.
  • Are you experiencing issues with child support and need someone served?

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