Civil Litigation 

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The original contribution process servers offer concerning civil litigation is the serving notification of a pending complaint. Completion of this process upon the respondent, defendant, establish jurisdiction within the institution of a court of law. The plaintiff, petitioner has fulfilled their first obligations in accordance with the laws of the state. If you are the petitioner in a civil action, consider the best approach to presenting your evidence, as proof to your complaint.

Civil litigation is unlike criminal where the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt has to be fully established. With civil pleadings, a litigant has to establish convincing evidence to support their complaint. The courts review both parties’ arguments to consider which litigant show sufficient probabilities. Your goal is to present pre-ponderous evidence, believable, and nothing short of the truth to the best of your knowledge. If you are not convinced, your ability to present convincing evidence to support your compliant, consider seeking legal assistance.

Arbitration and Mediation
California civil courts highly recommend litigants pleading civil actions, to consider all available services. Attorneys are at your services upon request to advise you with experience and commitment. The services attorneys supply can be extremely beneficial. The general practice is to facilitate a pre-trail outside the court room of civil litigation. Arbitration and mediation can be extremely cost effective in resolving your civil dispute before your complaint goes to trail. Your attorney will review your complaint and present you with the best legal solution for your particular circumstances. 

A large percentage of litigants involved in civil disputes find it beneficial to take advantage of this judicial program. In several pre-recorded cases, it was discovered, both litigants agreeing to mediation or arbitration worked toward an agreement. One of your main goals in a civil complaint, you want the opportunity to reach a resolution. A qualified attorney will advise you how to minimize your expense while reaching a solution.

Meetings - Conferences
The judicial system strives consistently to perfect its operations. With the assistance of attorneys, appointed mediators and administrators; better methods of performing services were established. The standard procedure for mediation and arbitration are both representatives of litigants meet to discuss a possible resolution. The meetings are preset usually at a selected room of the court or a commercial establishment.

These conference rooms are supplied with the necessary equipment requested. The convenience of booking a conference room has several advantages. Attorneys or appointed mediators practicing within a local area, it’s convenient for both parties in terms of expenses. In some instances the litigants are required to attend these meetings. If they are in the same local area this also is beneficial for both parties.


In civil litigation quality communication is an important factor. Arbitration and mediation services are available for your particular circumstances. Your requirements may demand the use of audio and video capability. It may be necessary to present your case with the ability to exchange photos and documents. Selecting an established company providing these services are important to you and your clients. Select nothing less than the best user friendly equipment to assist you in a professional manner.

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