Divorce Petition

A Divorce Petition is a legal formal statement of facts being presenting to a court for the purpose of ending a marriage. There are certain court forms to complete and submit to the clerk of court to get your divorce process started.

You have the choice to file your case online with processing instructions to assist you with completing the paperwork you will need.

         Steps to take before Filing a Divorce Watch video!

                          California Process Servers

Call us when you have completed the filing process with your case. Our commitment is providing you with quality process serving of your documents.

If you have filed your case online you can contact us with your reference number and possible instructions. We respond with the call to urgency. Our policy practice is to quickly assist you with the serving of process. We understand the inconvenience you are experiencing and we just want to move forward as quickly as possible.

 Our policy as process servers is to respect the importance of keeping our clients inform of the status of completion of their documents. Being experience servers we have over a 75% rate of completing service on the first attempt.

We keep you inform by email, fax, text or direct contact. 

                                      Divorce Petition

The process of filing for divorce often times can create unwanted pressures and discomfort. This is another reason why we provide service quickly assisting our clients through their dilemma.

What we discovered was the quality of supportive assistance with most circumstances offers a taste of comfort and assurance clients need. Consider; especially having to deal with the process of divorce when possibly children is involved. 

         Final Consideration of Filing a Divorce Petition

Give yourself the opportunity to plan beforehand. It is always in the best interest of your stability. Take the time to plan how you intend to approach your divorce. Plan on how you will compensate yourself with having to address full responsibility of your well being. 

Give some attention to include all the necessary paperwork you will need to provide the court when requesting certain privileges. Give yourself time to think and plan out everything. Remember; you want to complete this process  and move on with your life. So check and re-check your list of to-do. You don’t want to leap before you foresee a solid venture. Take in consideration all factors of importance.

Finally consider seeking the advice of a family legal professional. You will reap the benefits hands down. There are legal advisors who give free first consultation. Consider taking advantage of all online assistance such as filing your case online. The process is reviewed much faster and you have an online presence concerning your case which the courts favor highly. Finally; good luck to you. 

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