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The eviction process in the state of California is design to protect property owners and tenants rights. Every property owners objective is to provide affordable housing.

As a property owner you will incur situation whereas tenants may fall
on financial hardships. In most cases these circumstances present financial disadvantages for your business to provide profitable housing investments.

We are experienced process servers with extensive abilities to perform several legal services. Within the area of evictions we assist private property owners, attorneys as well as property management companies. 

Concerning the eviction process we provide you with process serving as well as additional services required. Evictions can become extremely costly to Landlords and investors, so we want to assist you by reducing your overhead and expenses.

What we offer is a complete assistant package with resourceful service of process which is required to get the results you need.

Eviction Procedures

  • We post a 3/30/60 day notice. After notice to quit has elapse, we maintain communication with you in regards to moving forward with the process.  
  •  Upon request we prepare an unlawful detainer complaint with the information provided by you or your office.
  • We prepare the necessary documents to insure everyone occupying the residence is including in the unlawful detainer regardless if their names are on the lease or not.
  • We practice this method to insure the value of time is utilized correctly with all due respect for the owner/managers and their responsibilities.

California Process Servers

  • Service of process is then performed upon the tenant(s) at the home or business location to be served. Our process servers are highly experienced in serving evictions and unlawful detainer.
  •  Experienced process servers count when it comes to serving eviction papers. We present ourselves in a professional manner and maintain professionalism at all times.

This is crucial for everyone involved. To clarify this point further we consider the fact that our client(s) just want possession return of their property from tenant to continue conducting profitable business practice.

California Process Servers are multi-talented and have several years experienced to present serving  evictions and unlawful detainers.


Following Court Decision

After judgement has been rendered in favor of property Manager (owner) this is the time to start proceedings for writ of possession of property. At this particular point you as a property owners have suffered possible substantial losses in revenues. We say moving forward immediately with the eviction process would be in the best interest of investors benefits.

Under these circumstances other than the time allotted by the courts there is little time to waive in acquiring possession of the property.

Upon property managers (owners) request if necessary we will be present when Sheriff and lockssmith arrive to evict any and all occupants of property. Once the real property is vacant we will prepare a receipt of return possession of real property and also prepare a detail report of events along with writ to be return to the court.

With us your interest we protect at all times. There are instances whereby tenant(s) will go through extreme measures to maintain occupancy, causing a delay in the eviction process.

California Process Servers your select service team of choice. Our services will always benefit your business beyond measures of your expectations.

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