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Faqs Questions

This term process server represent a group of license bonded individuals who hire their services for the act of performing service of process. Within most United States court systems this is a requirement of due process for certain parties involved within a court case. The purpose is to submit by service of process information pertaining to legal concern. Process servers are a group of individuals acting as messengers. The objective of a process server is to submit notification of court concern documentation.

Jon Serve Associates Process Servers

We commit to providing the best quality service of process in the state of California. We also commit to making aware the lastest advancements and development within our field of services. Modern technology demands that we take full advantage of what is presently offered. It is our hope to influence the practices of service of process through leading by example. Our methods of providing services are more cost efficient.

The Important of Hiring Process Servers

Faqs Questions

When legal matters of concern are present, there are always at least two parties involved. In most cases one party is going to benefit greater than the other party.

For more additional information concerning process servers review servenow faq and also other extensive references for process servers from state to state.

Hiring a professional gives an advantage in at least two ways, one is they have no personal interest in the case and the other benefit is they are experience in performing the task.

In the state of California Process Servers civil codes of ethics.

California Civil Code Of Procedures

Personal Service of Process

One of the most expected results in serving papers. Courts, attorneys, Law Firms, legal agencies, as well as individuals requesting service find it extremely rewarding. This type of service request will require some skills on the part of the server along with a bit of luck. Although this type of service is far from impossible sometimes when the person being sought for service is made aware that a personal service is necessary, they tend to make themselves unavailable.

There are situations when a server have to add additional charges for completing service of process. In some cases it takes a great deal more effort to contact defendant/respondent.

Should the person being served be  given advance notice?

Faq Questions

In almost all instances the answer is no! The element of surprise is always the best advantage a server has. An experienced process server will certainly recommend to their client not to discuss the case with anyone that may arise alertness of the individual being served.

Who is responsible to file affidavit/proof of service?

This will depend on the agreement made in advance. It is always wise to make inquiry with server. Some process server companies include filing affidavit in the price of service. In the case where a server has an additional charge to file your affidavit/proof of service, this is the time for you to make a decision whether or not this is something you may choose to do yourself or pay additional fees. In many situations the client will decide to file their affidavit/proof of service.

Benefits of hiring a server in a local area

Faqs Questions

This is a formal suggestion to companies as well as individuals requesting services. There are a large volume of available process servers in any given area within the US. It is always more cost efficient to the client as well as companies to search for a process server within the local area service is being requested. A few of the advantages you will experience are getting your documents served in a more timely manner.

You will also be quoted a local price in comparison to a server charging for out of state services. Remember also, you will receive return completed affidavit in a much more timely manner.

Should you always hire a process server to serve subpoena?

A subpoena is a court order issued to an individual or company for production of information related to specific details of a complaint. This type of service of process by law requires that a license bonded agent perform the services. This insures for any reason that a service is questioned, a process server or sheriff can be subpoenaed for the purpose of validating the service. Just think of it as a quality insurance policy which protects you interest. 

What is Skip Tracing?

Faqs Questions

Skip tracing is perform to locate missing persons such as debtors, heirs, and possible lost properties or asset. Collection agencies are favorites to perform skip tracing. In many cases you will have to contact investigators with special skills and techniques. They are experts in searching last known address, postal service request, utility search and business searches.

What should a process server do in the event of a evasive serve?

Faqs Questions

The first and far most important fact is that a process server should at all times protect themselves from possible bodily harm or worse. That you are a experienced server you can detect when a service is in the stage of not going well.On occasions serving process will create hostile condition which you should have a back up plan or exist strategy.

The first and by far the best strategy is to stop talking when the assume individual you are attempting to serve is talking with a hostile tone in their voice.

Always respect the fact that you are in the presence of a person at his/her residence. Another thing to remember is to make sure you express the nature of your presence early on in the conversation. The reason for this is that you may possibly have to just drop the papers in the site of the assume person and immediately begin to exist the property. 

Always after these types of services create an attachment statement to file with the affidavit explaining the circumstances of the service. This practice protects your clients interest as well as your own.

Should a process servers always make a report of an irate condition in attempt of service of process?

Faqs Questions

When a server experience an extremely irate situation, it is always wise to report the incident to his client or contractor. Important reasons for this is the advantage of the client or contractor awareness of the particular behavior of individuals who may or may not have to be addressed in the future. In some instances service of process warrant a sheriff to perform service, your valuable information can serve as a greater good in respect to safety. 

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Faqs Questions

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