Foreclosure Order

Having to enforce a foreclosure order upon a resident or property we consider only as due process. We do take pride in the quality of our service performance. We understand that each and every step of the required due process of foreclosure is critically important and must be perform correctly.

With the high increase in property foreclosures; the courts found it deem necessary to extend the responsibility of service of process to special professional process servers.

California Process Servers

It is important to our practice that we maintain the finest standard of process serving possible. What inexperience process servers fail to understand is that your reputation follows you wherever you go. One bad serve may destroy a career. This is why we are selective in our choices of which process servers we will subcontract with. 

Foreclosure Order

We compensate our process servers well for their honesty in service. What we have always brought to servers attention is through due process of diligence; you can request the court grant a service of process by publication. This would be considered a final solution. We apply every effort of field experience to get the service completed; but under any circumstance, never attempt to enforce a service incorrectly.    

Receiving a notice of Lis Pendens is the first step to processing a lenders request to regain possession of a default property. You; as a property owner should understand the earlier you take action; the more opportunities you may have. Your options will have greater favor. Lenders will always express their respect for your character when you seek necessary assistance. Taking the time to make them aware a financial problem exists.

Foreclosure Order

The best advice anyone can offer an individual in default of losing their home is to seek legal advice from a reputable foreclosure attorney or a license legal advocate. Try to understand; a home owner experiencing a default on their loan can find themselves under stress and duress dealing with financial imbalances. This is part of the reason seeking good counsel have such great advantages.

A practicing foreclosure attorney has the expertise of reviewing your particular financial situation. Once your condition has been evaluated; a knowledgeable attorney can prepare a planner. This will provide you with the best factor needed in your situation which is time. You just may have several options in your favor; give your attorney the chance to provide you with the fullest extent of due process you deserve. 

You may be a home owner with a foreclosure order of default; experiencing extreme financial hardship; unable to afford an attorney. An options you can consider is to research the self-help information through government and federal assistant programs. Understand these are free services so the earlier you address your situation, the better chance you have of grasping a general understanding of exactly what to do. 

 Often answers are right in front of you given time to do some research. Foreclosure assistance programs are not as resourceful as an attorney. This is why when you find yourself in financial ruining you must perform more personal diligence to seek the answer which fit your condition. 

 Some home owners in default with their loan have equity in their property, but a bad credit rating not qualifying them for a loan. With the right application applied you just might acquire your much needed loan, but a worst case scenario you can perform a fast sale of the property.

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