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When you order services online with California Process Servers you continue to compliment our efforts in earning your  trust and creditability in our industry.   We would just like to thank everyone who selects to use this process to submit their documents for service. 

Once you submit your document for service, you will receive an auto responder and thank you response! We also  keep communication channels open until your document is served through text, email , fax  or direct call.

You also have the option of using our online fax service if you prefer.

Remember requesting your discount will save earnings take advantage.

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Turbo Court: Excellent online software to assist you with preparing your court papers correctly. With turbo court you have a large range of different court documents with tutorial assistants. There is a convenience fee for assisting you with preparation of your documents.

Clients complete the online process preparing their documents through turbo court and receive a reference number.

The reference number is all you have to submit to California Process Servers. We take it from there! 

Rush Service Request

Do you have a rush service to be completed? We measure a rush service time frame from the time of request until 72 hours. Clients who have not experience  the quality  of our services may be compel to call in and verify if in fact we can honor their request.

This is quite understandable. We have regular clients who are aware of  the quality of service and do request rush services using our online request form.

We are so confident even with your rush service request, we still urge clients to order services online. We provide an auto responder and  thank you response. When receiving your rush request we  also send a personal email right away reassuring our awareness of your call of urgency!

Submitting Payment for Services

Go to  pricing  where you will find a listing of different pricing for cities, and counties. The pricing listing is by county and cities. The listing also gives you the pricing for second service at the same location. Whatever the second serve pricing states; treat that pricing for third or fourth serve at same address. Our pricing chart listing clearly illustrates to you what exactly will be your fee for payment.

Scroll toward the bottom of the page you will notice a Pay Now button. Here you can submit your payment through PayPal.

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