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Congratulation! on submitting your document(s) online. You have earn yourself a 10% discount and the opportunity for future discounts. Just click here you will be sent to our contact page where your can submit your document view pricing, and don't forget to only submit the pricing amount minus the 10% discount. Again Congratulations!!

Turbo Court: Excellent online software to assist you with preparing your court papers correctly. With turbo court you have a large range of different court documents with tutorial assistants. There is a convenience fee for assisting you with preparation of your documents.

Clients complete the online process preparing their documents through turbo court and receive a reference number.

Rush Service Policy

Our policy for rush services request is within 48 hours of submitting your documents. We place documents to be process within the Que to be served quickly. Our Brand is to serve as quickly as possible. We discovered this is what attract clients. 

After years of service of process we calculated several different types of urgent service requests, and concluded it was not necessary. We will continue to process papers to be served within the Que as quickly as possible.

Pricing and Payments

Go to  pricing  where you will find a listing of different pricing for cities, and counties. The price listing is by county and cities. The listing also gives pricing for additional persons/entities to be served. 

By using our online form to submit your document(s),  you qualify for the 10% online discount. This offer only apply to online submissions. Provide relevant instruction in your submission.

The Pay Now  PayPal button is where you submit payment for services request. Thank you for taking advantage of our online submission for services request. 

California Process Servers JSA
10950 Arrow Route 661
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91729


Direct: 909-472-9107
   Fax: 909-453-3277

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