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Within the Legal Industry personal service of court documents are the most preferred manner of service. Jon Serve Associates your select service team of choice recognize the extreme important of this area of service.

Law Firms, attorneys and associates legal agencies demand this preferred method of process within their practices. This insures notification to be acknowledged with their case within the courts.

As legal experienced process servers we understand exactly the responsibility entrust to us. Even more important, we’re committed as team members to our contractors, doing our part in securing a team effort.

When we accept the responsibility to personally serve your legal documents, we do our best to create favorable results for our clients. Our experience and drive to continue providing excellent results support our purpose within the industry.

Your office will rest easier with the quality results we display, and we feel better knowing you are pleased.

Personal service occurs when a process server perform service of process personally upon an individual informing them that there is a pending action naming them as a part of the action. At this particular point following completion of service and the filing of an affidavit to the court clerk is submitted, only then will the court establish jurisdiction over the witness or defendant.

List of Documents we served



Small Claims
Unlawful Detainer
Restraining Order

Child Support
Child Modification
Child Custody
Divorce Petition
Wills and Trust

California Process Servers

Process serving is our court within the playing field of legal servivces. We justify our actions with the quality of integrity we display. It is  important to us you view our services as an access to your company. To insure we earn your trust,  integration of your business practice become a part of our model as well.

 Our process servers are aware of our standards in reference to personal service and adhere to the calling of service. As professionals we understand legal service institutions carefully select process server companies. "Realizing your main concerns are can you get the job done right"?

 Also we consider your clients have entrusted you to deliver beneficial results in their favor. We completely agree you should protect the reputation of your practice by giving your clients great quality services. This is exactly why we protect the good standard of services our clients and private parties have enjoyed.

Experienced Process Servers

Experience will certainly become a factor with service of process when personal service is required. We have for many years to present provide clients with the assurance of delivering the results you seek. Our process servers know exactly how to shift their approach to get the results required.

Having the ability to detect the smallest detail that might lead them to the results you seek. When servers acquire experience serving process it teaches them to observe every detail, and every possibility.

Investigative skills are a must for process servers. Our servers are resourceful and knowledge of trade secrets will get results.

Three elements must be present to validate personal service.

  • Process server has to be in normal range to speak to the individual being served.
  • Process server has to inform individual being served the nature of presented document.
  • Process server has to leave document with person being served or within proximity of said person to receive document.

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