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Pleading Your Case

Here you are plaintiffs to a case matter and it happen so fast. Your intentions were to acquire the services you requested. At some point during the process you discovered what you were promise has not been fulfill according to what you and the defendant originally agreed upon.

The petitioner is always the one who plead their case to the court. You may be involved in a driving accident which you just happen to be in the right; this will constitute you petitioner to the pending matter. You may be a party to a class action civil law suit. You can be a petitioner to a real estate transaction which did not go well. Often time people find themselves in major conflict concerning the estate of a property.

You will find yourself force to seek assistance; a legal remedy through the court system. This procedure also considers you as a claimant of the case. Once your case has been filed with the court; from that point you are establishing a position with the court. Now you have a responsibility of getting jurisdiction established over your case. In order to do this you must notify the defendant or respondent through due process.

California Process Servers

As plaintiffs you will find yourself in need of a process server to assist you with establishing your case. Your objective is to establish jurisdiction over the defendant. The court recognizes this status after a process server has submitted an affidavit of completion of service. What this does is place a demand on the defendant to honor the court order in reference to your complaint. A great percentage of all process serving are requested by a petitioner; or representative of petitioner.

Things to Consider

When filing a complaint always remember to include all of the necessary facts. The court will expect to review receipts as well as contract agreements to consider the merit of your claim. A very important detail you must consider is how you will present your case before the court. Having all of your facts in place is great, but you must remember you will have to speak before the court.

Always remember you should speak clearly and accurately concerning your complaints. One of the benefits of being the petitioner is that you have the privilege of pleading your case first.  So it is to your best interest to speak effective and set the tone of your case. 

Another aspect is; you should always respect the court. You should respect the court officers as well as the judge or commissioner. Remember to display the proper courtroom etiquette. Before your case is heard you will be given the privilege to attempt to settle your case by a mediator. The mediator will briefly hear both sides. After hearing both sides again; they will give you an opportunity to settle your dispute. The mediator will go over the proper etiquette in which the court expects you to follow. You should always follow proper court procedures. 

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