Process of Divorce 

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Process of Divorce Where do I Start?

The process of divorce is measured by your present circumstances. What is critically important is for you to realize, it is necessary to protect yourself in every aspect. Take the time to sit and ask yourself exactly what are all the important factors in this relationship.

Review all of them. You are going to thank yourself a great deal in the future for taking time to investigate your overall situation. You may decide to seek legal counsel such as a lawyer or family law facilitator for legal input to your particular circumstances. In this case take the initiative to organize a formal list of inquiries.  

 Process of Divorce

An important factor is your present financial situation. Review all of your assets and determine your net worth of what you owe vs. what you own.  

Your intended divorce spouse is possibly equally responsible for owed debts as well as having equal part ownership of everything the two of you have earned.  

Consider what is the best options at the present time concerning open lines of credit.  It is best you schedule this task right around the time you have scheduled to inform your spouse you are filing for divorce.

The reasons to consider this, you are possibly responsible equally for what is owe as well as what is own. 

It is important you think and plan out your strategy so you will be victorious in your efforts. Some married couples are active responsible individuals and from a business perspective this area of relevance would be standard practice. 

A great percentage of final divorce decree, mothers are responsible for the initial caring of children custody if there are children. Your responsibility for your children will become greater.

For this reason, quality thinking will weigh greatly with your outcome in many situations you will come to experience. So look at this as just one uncomfortable decision made during the process of divorce.

Reports show instances where spouses admit it was a smart decision. You don’t want to start out with your new found life with a bundle of unnecessary debts. It is better to consider once you become a single parent you will have to rebuild your credit status.

When you and your spouse discuss the freezing of the accounts and setting up individual accounts, make sure you contact your banking institution accounts with automatic draft to inform them you are going through a process of divorce. 

Also make sure that you draft a copy of this request and get it notarized. Mail it out certified mailing with a sign return receipt to the administrative department of your banking institution.

Original Petition for Divorce 

Getting a divorce requires that you file an original petition for divorce. There are a few options to proceed with this process.

Turbo court online document preparation software is considered an informing online resource in assisting with the preparation of document paperwork.

You may also  review California divorce online. After completion of filling your petition for divorce papers online, you can submit documents to be filed online with the clerk of court where your case will be heard.

The petition for dissolution of marriage form FL-100 contains all relevant information such as name of petitioner, respondent, and children if there are children.

It is important that you list all assets of cars, insurance policy, personal property and community property. Review California divorce forms from California Judicial Branch website.

The most informative site with a complete listing of responsibilities and processing requirements concerning divorce.

Process of Divorce

Your spouse and you might be in agreement with a divorce; in this case you can file a joint dissolution of marriage form FL-800 which shows good initiative to resolving issues.

If in fact your spouse does not agree to everything being file, make certain you include response form FL-120 with your packet to be served. Here is a virtual legal site in my opinion has valuable quality information concerning the process for divorce.

You also may decide to print out documents from online and fill the paperwork out manually. If this is suitable for you, you still can recheck your paperwork by reviewing how to fill out petition for dissolution of marriage.

Seeking legal counsel to assist you with your process is always an option.

Process of Divorce

After the completion of preparing all the necessary documents you want included in your divorce, you must decide on which method of service of process you will use.

If in fact your spouse fully agree with your divorce proposal, it is not necessary to serve you spouse. You only need to get a signature statement of his agreement to accept service of process.

Always remember to get the statement notarized.

For any reason disagreements unfold, then you will need the services of process servers. The respondent has 30 days to respond to the petition.

Seriously consider if in fact you will feel better safe and secure with a restraining order enforced. For any reason a response has not been filed by the end of 30 days from completion of service of process, you the plaintiff can move forward to request a default judgment from the court.

The process of divorce can be a tedious task under certain circumstances and other times it can be less stressful. Your circumstances might be the latter, but in any case I hope that I have provided you with enough experienced information to find your way.

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  • Seek advice of attorney or family law facilitator.
  • Protect your assets.
  • Consider mediation.
  • Consider will restraining order be necessary.
  • Consider what debts you will be responsible for.
  • Consider what weekly and monthly expense you will have.
  • Consider child support spousal support alimony.
  • Consider child custody child visitation.
  • Consider will you be able to stay in the house or relocate.

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