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Here we offer California Process Server Intermediary Services. We offer a solution to your problems concerning communicating with your spouse or family member concerning domestic issues.

If you find yourself facing a court order banning you from personally associating with another party, it is always best to follow the court instructions to the letter. 

Don't take for granted you fully understand instructions by the court and not ask questions. 

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  • Are there any programs to assist me
  • What in case of emergency?
  • Can I hired a inter mediator 
  • Can the court order a process server to speak on my behalf?

Intermediary Services

We encourage individuals dealing with this type of court order to adhere to all rules and regulations. You may feel agitated but by no means allow this to control your responsibility. Try your best to think clearly. Above all make certain you have permission from the court or your legal counsel to hire a process server to act as an intermediary of your behalf.

Here are just a few services we provide that will clearly protect you from any violations of court orders and insure your continue safety from possible further prosecution. 

  • We listen to your circumstances completely.
  • Whatever your present concerns are we act promptly.
  • We communicate with you and the other party in the most professional manner at all times.
  • Phone records are kept date and time and length of calls.
  • Email records are keep with you and possible other party.
  • We clearly communicate with other party to make them feel as comfortable as possible at all times.
  • We take notes of our conversation with you as well as other party for possible future records.
  • When we complete our services we follow up with a rating request of our services to insure we are complying with public demands. 

One of the reason courts order legal entities such as process servers to assist you with your dilemma is to protect you from possibly violations.

We are license and bonded professional in the services of due process and are held accountable of our actions within the guidelines of state county civil codes of procedures. 

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