Restraining Orders

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Restraining orders have successfully protected the safety and well being of countless individuals faced with an unwanted trauma of violence. Consider this rule of law as the enforcing voice you cannot achieve yourself. The safety and security of you and your love ones are respected highly by California court systems.

Seriously Consider

Should you act immediately when becoming traumatize from any selective type of violence? An honest and wise choice to make would be yes, certainly. The profound saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still holds water in today’s society.

Filing Ex parte Restraining Orders

When your civil rights to move freely about your daily lives have been challenge, it is at that moment you need to seek the support available by California courts. Filing an ex parte restraining order creates the immediate protection you so well deserve.

This can be a time when your emotions are disturbed, so take a moment to gather your thoughts. Whenever an ex parte motion for protection is necessary you first want to contact the local police or sheriff department. Give your statement and be precise. All of the information submitted in most cases, a family or civil court judge will review to determine relevance of your immediate protection request.

How to file a restraining order

Follow these steps

Fillable Forms

Restraining Orders

California Process Servers

This area of our business we act upon and respond in a most considerate manner. It is not a good feeling to have your safety challenge. The thought of possible verbal or physical harm being inflicted upon you can be a scary experience. Countless requests have addressed our office in search for assistants, and we have and will always respond with urgency.

We realize it is most important to contact individuals posing threats. Contacting the accused makes awareness of the pending matter and issues involved. One very important point in performing service of process is to hopefully calm the accused temperament down to a level of reasoning.

Our research during the service of process of protective orders has concluded most individuals who have been the aggressor are in a state of disbelief. Realizing someone you are possibly involved with is threatened by your actions will become a bit of a wake up call. In most cases the accused realize it is in the best interest of the present situation to concur. This is part of the reason our success rate in completing service of process protection orders are commendable.

Ten Important points concerning Restraining Orders

  1. Always remember not to take violence lightly. Your safety as well as your family and love ones should never be taken for granted.
  2. Remember this is a very difficult time for you so you should try hard to get your composure intact. Take the time to review just what you have recently experienced, and give it some time to really absorb in your thoughts.
  3. First and foremost get yourself and your family, children and love ones to a presently safe environment.
  4. Consider seeking counsel for the best recommendation concerning how to move forward.
  5. Once protective order is granted consider changing your daily habits for a few days, just to test the calmness of the water.
  6. Take the time to bond with your family, your children, give them the assurance of restoration.
  7. Do not hesitate to contact the local authorities if for any reason the accused violate the orders of the court in any way.
  8. Make certain that you do not violate any court orders that have been issued; you risk the chance of the court possibly reversing an original decision.
  9. Be prepared on your appointed court date to report early and safely get yourself seated in the courtroom.
  10. By chance with all of the pressures and circumstances facing you; your family, if everyone is still safe and intact, give thanks.

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