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The San Bernardino Court website is complete with information of their departments in full details. Review the department which correspond with your concerns. We are court process servers of documents for each individual category in the county of San Bernardino and the State of California

Since the year of 1998 we have provided unlimited services to San Bernardino county courts. What we have discovered is the need to provide more self-help resources for our clients, businesses, and general public.

It is our intentions to make your legal experiences as less complicated as possible. Review the links details below and take advantage of several options you will discover available. San Bernardino design these links with you in mind.

Links Details

The San Bernardino website gives you a complete table of content with information on areas of civil, family, small claims, unlawful detainer, eviction, child support, divorce, property, foreclosure and much more...

The courts also provides you with a listing of court phone numbers and addresses. There are phone listings for each county court direct numbers as well as fax filing numbers for your convenience. These are the actual fax numbers you will use when submitting your filing(s) for process.

The San Bernardino court encourages parties to utilize their fax filing process to save time with processing your cases. For a law firm or court attorney filing their cases, this process has become standard practice.

The small claims information provided explains exactly the process of how you start your case. This information is for the plaintiff and respondent.

You have the opportunity if you qualify to file for a fee waiver for your case being heard. This applies to civil as well as family law cases.

Whether you are familiar with court procedures or not, if you desire to utilize your efforts and process your case(s), San Bernardino county information resources will assist you through the entire process.


California Process Servers

We continue to demonstrate quality services to our business and public community. We represent a quality practice of process serving within the San Bernardino court systems.

We encourage you to consider us as your select service team of choice. Your requests may range from documents preparations, service of process, skip tracing, retrieving of court documents, e/filing or title searches, we are here to service your request(s).

For your convenience you have the options to email fax or mail your services requests. We maintain communications with (you) our clients in reference to the status and progress of your document(s).

California Process Servers, your select service team of choice.

California Process Servers JSA
10950 Arrow Route 661
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91729

Direct: 909-472-9107
   Fax: 909-453-3277

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