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Process servers find it necessary at times to stakeout individuals they are attempting to serve. It’s a wise choice to decide. Once a server has been inform by his client; the possible evasive behavior of the defendant/respondent, you have to adjust your methods of service. The reason for this adjustment; you must take in account how much time, and expense, this particular service of process may require

Our fee of $65.00 an hour, plus the cost of service of process have proven to be financially beneficial to both server and client. A process server objective is to get the person served as quickly as possible. Now; that works well under normal circumstances. This is why servers take in account possibly going to a residence more than three times to get service completed.

This creates a condition of having to charge the client additional fees. It also place servers at a higher commitment level to maintain their creditability. This is why when a server is made aware of an individual possible evasive behavior; perform a stakeout. The service will get completed in a reasonable amount of time. The client may have to pay additional expensive, but when a condition warrant a certain response, just do it.

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Process server’s responsibility is to conduct their business as professionals, at all times. Always remember when you plan to place a resident or business under surveillance notify the police department or sheriff station in  the local area. Add a protective advantage in your favor by making them aware you are there to find a person; to perform service of process. Offer your credentials for their records and remember to collect the officer’s name that you spoke with for reference.

Often times neighbors in a residential community observing someone they are not familiar with; tend to build suspicion. In most cases what they will do is call the resident of the house you are located. If contact isn’t establish they have a tendency to call the local police or sheriff department. If there is a block captain they just might approach you with the concern of knowing your intentions in their neighborhood. If this occurs convey with them you purpose. 


Also let them know that you appreciate their concern for the safety of their block. In other words conduct a professional interview with the block captain. Don’t forget to mention that you made your presence aware with the police station and you spoke with officer xyz informing them of your purpose. 

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This procedure builds a shield of protection on your behalf in several ways. First the police or sheriff department is aware of your stakeout. Whenever a concern resident approaches you; you have covered your basics.

 Once you have made contact with the person you intend to serve you feel more confident and assure of your safety. The individual you are serving may express some hostility this often time occurs. You always should observe the person you are serving very carefully. Attempt to distinguish their character in    your own mind.

 If you feel the need; politely inform the person being served; you notified the police or sheriff station before coming. Inform them you conduct your business within the guidelines of safety. You are there respectfully on behalf of a legal matter with their name on it which is pending. Express how you have no disrespectful intention toward them or their property. From this point; serve your document, complete you stakeout and leave.

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