West Valley Detention

At the West Valley Detention Center we have served legal papers to inmates for many years to present. Legal entities as well as the general public call on our services to secure serving notification upon residing inmates.

If for any reason you have a legal matter pending and are aware of the defendant to the case detained at the Rancho Cucamonga facility, this would be the ideal time to have them served notification.

Our services are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. We also serve inmates on Saturday if necessary from 9:00am to 4:00pm. 

Once you are certain that an individual is detained, you must act quickly. We have experience legal clients and customers requesting service of process on inmates that have already been moved to another facility or have post a bond.

Our usual practice is to call the detention center the day before a scheduled visit for service of process or call the morning we plan to go and serve inmate.

As experienced process servers we make inquires to facility administration to make certain inmate will be present upon our arrival.

There have been situations when you go to serve an inmate they may not be present at the jail because of scheduled court date appearances. Making inquiries of such similar situations we benefit from the assurance of service completion.

Verify Imate Location

West Valley Detention Center is located 9500 Etiwanda Ave Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739. It is standard practice that you call to verify custody status on inmates.

The number you should call is (909) 350-2476. The Sheriff Department will assist you with your concerns. Consider having a written list of questions you may have.

This will better assist you when making inquiries concerning the person you are calling about. What you don't want to do is to forget something important. You may have to re-call and face a possible long wait again.

Few Things to Consider

  • Do not hesitate to proceed with service of notification
  • Make certain inmate is served in a required timely manner
  • Check for prison inmates information West Valley Detention
  • Having trouble locating an inmate check with California inmate Locator
  • We encourage you to consider Jon Serve Associates Process Servers as your select service team of choice

How to Order Services

Once you have filed your paperwork with the courts you may contact us to request our services. We accept documents to be served through email or fax.

Once we receive documents it has been our experience to move quickly to serve inmate. There are no guarantees inmates will be move to another facility, has a court date or medical issues. We have been serving West Valley over 15 years and have a great relationship with the staff and officers. 

California Process Servers JSA
10950 Arrow Route 661
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91729


Direct: 909-472-9107
   Fax: 909-453-3277

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